A Drop in the Standings

Only a week into the debacle that is the Drumpf Administration and he has already done wonders to the international reputation of the United States of America.

In short, he has shredded it.

This week, Drumpf, in an interview with ABC News, said that he believes that torture, and more specifically the barbaric practice of waterboarding, works.

It saddens me to no end that I now live in a time when an American president condones the use of torture. That’s the sphere of people like Assad, Hussein, Putin, Pol Pot, Stalin, and Pinochet.

Other people have taken notice of the words Drumpf has uttered and have done something historical. The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists is a magazine that has its logo the Doomsday Clock, a representation of how close the world is to its demise. Since its inception in 1947, the minute hand of the clock has moved forward and backward to represent the growing or decreasing global tensions and the likelihood of the world being destroyed.

In 2016, the Clock stood at three minutes to midnight. At the start of 2017, the folks who run the Clock took the historical measure of moving the minute hand closer to midnight by thirty seconds so that the Doomsday Clock now sits at 11:57.30. This was the first time the Clock had been moved in an increment of less than a minute. As stated in their official announcement, the movers of the Clock’s hands said that this decision was made for one simple reason…

The board’s decision to move the clock less than a full minute—something it has never before done—reflects a simple reality: As this statement is issued, Donald Trump has been the US president only a matter of days…
Just the same, words matter, and President Trump has had plenty to say over the last year. Both his statements and his actions as president-elect have broken with historical precedent in unsettling ways. He has made ill-considered comments about expanding the US nuclear arsenal. He has shown a troubling propensity to discount or outright reject expert advice related to international security, including the conclusions of intelligence experts. And his nominees to head the Energy Department and the Environmental Protection Agency dispute the basics of climate science.
In short, even though he has just now taken office, the president’s intemperate statements, lack of openness to expert advice, and questionable cabinet nominations have already made a bad international security situation worse.

Yes, words matter.


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