How Insecure Can You Get?

Look, I will be the first to admit that I am not a grand scholar of presidential history so I may be on shaky ground here, but I will go ahead anyway.

I don’t know if this has ever occurred in the White House Press Office, but the Drumpf Administration put out a press release highlighting all the positive blurbs the press has thrown its way.

As if the office of the President of the United States was some sort of reality television show, the Drumpf Mouthpiece Organ breathlessly trots out quotes like…

“What Trump Got Right On Day 1” – Chicago Tribune

“57% Of Likely U.S. Voters Approve Of President Trump’s Job Performance” -Rasmussen Reports

“A Majority Of Americans Who Listened To President Trump’s Inaugural Address Gave The 16-Minute Speech A Positive Review” – Washington Examiner

You almost expect the Press Office to mention how many stars the Inaugural Speech received or what their score on Rotten Tomatoes was.

However, just like an experienced movie producer, the Drumpf Propaganda Machine cherry-picked their quotes to the point of manipulating their actual meaning.

My example for your review is the actual first blurb used in the release. From The Atlantic, the press release uses the quote that Drumpf is “…Coming Out As A Winner On Many Issues…”

Oddly enough, the folks over at Drumpf Central don’t mention the rest of the paragraph from The Atlantic (story here) which goes as follows:

Some of these victories may prove to be pyrrhic. Getting shaky and unprepared nominees confirmed is a good way to produce shaky and unprepared Cabinet secretaries. Retaining manufacturing jobs works well until companies start automating and laying people off anyway.  In other cases, it’s simply too early to be too confident. The chaos within the West Wing…bodes ill for an effective administration. Meanwhile, [Drumpf’s] early steps in other areas may still fail, or undo him later. His foreign-policy moves continue to inspire queasiness, as do continued reports about ties to Russia.

The first line of that story is actually “… the…presidency is off to a rocky start…”

Gee, funny how that quote didn’t make the cut.


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