Inaugural Word Salad of Carnage

The Era of the Drumpf Debacle has begun.

Comrade Drumpf’s first act as President of the United States was to give his inaugural address. The text of that speech can be found here.

I will leave it for many other folk across the Internet to analyze what the speech meant and did not mean. For this blog, my intent is to analyze the actual words of Drumpf’s initial utterance as POTUS.

According to this website, the text of Drumpf’s speech averaged out at a grade level readability of 9.9, roughly the reading level on completion of high school.

According to the same website, of the 1,434 words in the prepared text, only four words have more than four syllables (administration, redistributed, patriotism, solidarity).

On the subject of words, Drumpf’s prepared remarks mentions “freedom” only once, and the words “rights”*, “liberty”, “equality”, and “democracy” do not even make an appearance.

In place of words like “freedom”, “liberty”, and “democracy”, Drumpf’s prepared speech mentions “people” nine times, “country” nine times,  “God / Creator” five times, “patriot / patriotism” twice, “loyalty” twice, “safe” twice, “movement” twice, and “Bible” once.

In lieu of honoring ideals such as freedom, liberty, and democracy, Drumpf conjures a country whose people honor God, the movement, patriotism, country, loyalty, safety, and the Bible.

And “carnage”. That word, by my estimation, made an appearance for the first time in the history of the fifty-eight presidential inauguration addresses to date.


*The only “right” Drumpf mentions in his speech is “…the right of all nations to put their own interests first.”


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