A Debacle of Firsts

January 20, 2017 draws near and with it begins the Drumpf Administration.

As the first steps are taken for this mockery of American politics as it is inaugurated on the steps of the Capitol at noon, this specific blog post pauses to ask what other firsts will be achieved after Comrade Drumpf takes the oath of office.

…Who will be the first person Drumpf insults?

…Who will be the first person or organization Drumpf blames when things go south?

…Who will be the first Cabinet nominee to have their name withdrawn?

…Who will be the first Drumpf Administration official to be criminally indicted? (Side Note: During the Obama Administration, there were zero indictments.)

…Which will be the first country Drumpf instigates a military action against?

…Which media organization will be the first one blacklisted?

…What will be the first conflict of interest that Drumpf encounters once he is the Chief Executive?

Keep watching this space for these and many more answers.

Actually that last question already has an answer and it centers around the luxury hotel in Washington, D.C., that Drumpf’s business owns. The linked story says that Drumpf…

…has a 60-year lease with the U.S. General Services Administration, a government agency that owns the building where the hotel is located. The GSA contract says that no “elected official of the government of the United States” may hold that lease. That provision has raised questions about what will happen to the lease…but so far, the issue appears unresolved.

“Unresolved”. That probably sums up a great deal about the incoming Drumpf Debacle. A great many unresolved issues.


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