The Four Corners of Drumpf

We’ve been away for a while and we’ve been keeping our powder dry.

There has been so much slapstick and missteps concerning the incoming Drumpf Cabal, that we could have spent every day posting to this blog, but we have jobs and families and the holidays – and we know where our priorities lie.

With the exception of today, we won’t be back until the 20th of January in the next year when the gentleman who lost the popular vote in the 2016 presidential election ascends to the highest office in the United States. Once that event occurs and Comrade Drumpf takes his place at the head of the Executive Branch, then we will once again take finger to keyboard to highlight all that is wrong with the new administration.

Today’s post is to highlight the four main themes we will explore when calling out Mr. Drumpf from 2017 to 2020.

Blame Game – If there’s one tactic that is tried and true for Mr. Drumpf, it is to blame others when things go south. When it looked as if he would go down to defeat come Election Day, Drumpf spent a good deal of time claiming the election was rigged, blaming dead voters, the dishonest media, and backstabbing Republicans. Once he is ensconced in the Oval Office (or his New York tower) and once he does not get his way with his beautiful wall, a database of Muslims, or his budget-busting infrastructure-slash-tax cuts for the rich plan, we will enjoy documenting all the times Drumpf takes to his Tantum Platform (aka Twitter) to blame any and all for his woes and failures. Our over-under for the number of times in 2017 that he blames President Obama for all of Drumpf’s ills is thirty-six. Any takers?

Branded – If there’s one mode that is tried and true for Mr. Drumpf, it is that of the self-promoter. Whether he’s shilling his own steaks during a press conference or taking a break from the campaign to open up a eponymous hotel, Drumpf loves to talk about the things that have his name on it. Now that Drumpf will be the leader of the Free World, powerful folk from foreign governments and business will want to curry favor with him and what better way to do that than by stroking his ego by investing in his businesses. Just look at how the Filipino government named a special trade envoy to the United States – and it’s the man who is helping to build a Drumpf-named building in Manila. Just look at how a stalled Drumpf-named building in Argentina suddenly receives the go-ahead a few days after the American President-elect has a chat with the Argentine President. The conflicts of interest that have arisen and will arise during theĀ  Drumpf kleptocracy will be a joy for us to follow.

Harvey Dent – If there’s one strategy that is tried and true for Mr. Drumpf, it is to be two-faced. Whether he is straight-up fibbing (against the war in Iraq (he wasn’t), seeing people cheering as the World Trade Center fell during after 9/11 (he didn’t), or receiving a letter from the National Football League (he didn’t)), waffling (what is his position on a Muslim ban?), or pulling a bait-and-switch (announcing a press conference to discuss his businesses, then cancelling), Drumpf is the living incarnation of the fictional villan, Harvey Dent, also known as Two-Face. We’re drawing straws among the staff to see who will be tasked with documenting all of Drumpf’s lies.

Kukla – If there’s one friend that is tried and true for Mr. Drumpf, it is Russian President Vladimir Putin. Courtesy of the hacking perpetrated by the Russian government and by the fake news planted among the social media feeds of the American electorate, a former member of the KGB (that would be Putin) was instrumental in elevating Drumpf into the White House. Whether he is dismissing the work of the American intelligence community in coming to the defense of the Russians, praising the Russian President, or expressing his pleasure in receiving a nice letter from Putin, it is truly remarkable that a Republican is heaping such love on a Russian leader. It’s almost as if Russia has some leverage over Drumpf. Almost as if Drumpf owes some sort of debt to Russia. Too bad we can’t see Drumpf’s tax forms to see how much Russia has invested in the new American president. (BTW, kukla is Russian for “puppet”.)

There you have it. Those are the quartet of major themes we will be following as we count the days until December 2020 when the Electoral College will have their next chance to rectify the obvious error in judgement they made in 2016.