Swamp Thing: Chief of Staff

The people who voted for Drumpf wanted to thumb their nose at the Establishment. They want people in power who are not part of the elite. They wanted change.

In one his first announcements, Drumpf filled the position of White House Chief of Staff – an extremely powerful position – with a person who is the epitome of “Washington Insider”.

Oh, of course, I’m joking, but Drumpf is not. He filled that slot with Reince Preibus, who is the living embodiment of a Beltway Body. Just look at his CV.

Preibus’s position before joining the White House was as the chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC), a job he has held since 2011. Nothing screams “Establishment” more than being in the RNC.

Before becoming RNC chair, Preibus was general counsel for the RNC. Yep, nothing hollers “man of the people” more than being a lawyer.

Prior to being general counsel, in 2007, Preibus was the chairman of the Wisconsin Republican Party.

Preibus has been knee-deep in the GOP apparatus for nearly a decade. Before that, he unsuccessfully ran for the Wisconsin State Senate in 2004 and he was president of the College Republicans while attending college.

In selecting Preibus, Drumpf has shown that he has no interest in “draining the swamp” and giving “new voices a chance to go into government service…”. If so, he wouldn’t have picked a man for his Chief of Staff who has been part of the Republican Party Establishment for nearly a decade.

As the great philosopher T.Daltry once said, “Meet the new boss / Same as the old boss.”



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