Debunking the Myth of His Victory II

In my previous post, I made the contention that it was not so much that President-elect Donald J. Drumpf won the election, but that Hillary Rodham Clinton lost it. I used the “Blue Wall”/Rust Belt states of Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania to show that Clinton’s vote numbers were far below what Barack Obama received in 2008 and 2012. In those three states, I showed that it was not that waves of Republicans came out of the woodwork to vote for Drumpf, but that multitudes of voters who had voted for the Democratic candidate 4 and 8 years ago did not vote for Clinton.

This post is to show that occurred in MI, OH, and WI occurred nationwide.

In the 2012 election, Republican Mitt Romney earned 60,933,504 popular votes and Democrat Barack Obama earned 65,915,795 votes (2012 data here).

In the 2016 election, Republican Donald J. Drumpf earned 60,072,551 popular votes and Democrat Hillary Clinton earned 60,467,601 votes (2016 data here).

Drumpf did not even best Romney’s vote total from four years past. In 2016, the number of voters who made their selection for the Republican candidate decreased by 860,953, a shrinkage of 1.41%.

However it may have looked for the GOP to lose voters from 2012 to 2016, it paled in comparison to what befell the Democratic candidate.

Clinton came nowhere near besting Obama’s vote total. In 2016, the number of voters who made their selection for the Democratic candidate decreased by 5,448,194, a shrinkage of 8.26%.

To put that shrinkage in perspective, the number of people in California who voted for Clinton this year was 5,589,936 and the number of people who voted for Drumpf in Maryland was 873,646. Between 2012 and 2016, the Democrats lost an electoral bloc the size of California – which has 55 votes in the Electoral College, while the Republicans saw a loss the size of Maryland – which has 10 votes in the Electoral College.

The Republicans did not win the election, the Democrats lost it.


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